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Nutrition Consulting for Prevention and Wellness

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Health Over All

      We are all looking for a life with great health. We want to feel alive without aches and pain. We want to be able to breath the air, to see, hear, feel and sense the beauty around us. We want to be happy and embrace the world without worries about our health.

I think prevention of diseases by eating whole foods, exercise, stress management and minimal exposure to toxins are the highest priorities for over all good health.
I think it is important to be responsible for ones own body and to be able to help oneself with some guidance and support from either the nutritionist, family members or friends.

As a holistic nutritional consultant I look at a person as a whole and not just the symptoms and diseases the person presents. I will listen and ask questions about your  health at present and in the past.  We will talk about exercise, stress and stress management.  I will do diet analysis to evaluate whether the right amount of nutrients are being met for your particular needs and metabolic type. We will talk about what foods are important to have in our pantry, recipes and much more.

Don’t hesitate, if you want to improve your eating habits and lifestyle, call or email me and we can set up an appointment that will suit your schedule.
I will listen.




Mie Says:
Eat what's in season and chew your food well.

Food for thought

We're what we eat.


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Enjoy the sun before 10:00am and after 4:00 pm to prevent sunburn